Woodford Reserve Unveils 2020 Holiday Bottle With a Cozy Christmas Scene

Woodford Reserve 2020 Holiday Bottle. Courtesy Photo.

Woodford Reserve has released their 2020 Holiday Bottle, featuring a cozy Christmas distillery scene with peacefully sleeping, snow-capped bourbon barrels by British architect Nick Hirst.

“At Woodford Reserve, I was looking for an opportunity to compare the colder exteriors to the warm interiors of the older buildings, while continuing to ‘tell the story’ of how the whiskey was made,” explains Hirst. “There was also a strong connection between the color of the rich wooden interiors of some of the buildings and the color of the bottle itself. The stone walls of the barrel store, with the barrel run leading into the wooden interior, was an ideal composition.”

“As I worked on the painting, I kept a bottle of Woodford Reserve on the drawing board, as a reminder of the color palette. Inevitably the bottle made its way into a drawing,” Hirst said. 

“Nick Hirst effortlessly captures the distillery with an artful elegance and architect’s eye,” said Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris. As with each Holiday Bottle from the brand, the bottle is full of Woodford’s flagship 90.4 proof bourbon crafted by Morris and his team.

The Woodford Reserve 2020 Holiday Bottles is available in stores for a limited time for a suggested retail price of around $50 for a 1L bottle.