Win Your Chance for an ENTIRE BARREL from BUFFALO TRACE DISTILLERY with Their New “Single Barrel Select” Program!

Photo: Seth Thompson

This is not a drill…Don’t miss the first-ever Single-Barrel Select (SBS) drawing livestreamed from Buffalo Trace Distillery on 3/31! Bourbon Hall of Famer Freddie Johnson, Buffalo Trace Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley and Single Barrel Select expert Susannah Hubler will be drawing 54 tickets to award Single Barrel Select winners the opportunity to purchase a barrel from one of BTD’s award-winning brands.

About “SBS” Program

This program allows you, the consumer, the opportunity to be selected for your OWN BARREL of Buffalo Trace Distillery made whiskey! #NBD. To enter the SBS Program, all you need to do is jump on the page, fill out the simple form, and that’s it!



WHICH BRANDS ARE OFFERED: This will vary per drawing. SBS members will be notified prior which brands will be available for that specific drawing opportunity.

Regarding brand selection for the FIRST EVER livestream drawing (3/31), we found this on the SBS site.


SBS is a Points System, with each point earned gaining additional entries for each drawing which will take place multiple times throughout the year.


  • The point system is designed to reward longevity and engagement with the program, while offering more transparency in how barrels are allocated.
  • The total points a member has will equal the total number of entries in our barrel drawings. 
  • Everyone automatically receives 1 point when they sign up for SBS and an additional 1 point for each year they are a member. 
  • Up to 3 additional points can be awarded in a given year based on the activities offered to members throughout the year. 
  • Points only reset upon the purchase of a barrel, and will stay at 0 for 1yr.  

BARREL PRICING: Pricing will vary pending on the brand chosen and the number of bottles filled per barrel selection. The site notes a suggested range of 160 – 240 bottles (750ml). It also notes a vast differential of barrel pricing, varying $5,000 – $825,000. We can’t help but wonder what brand the latter would be?! State tax will be applied and vary per state.

CONSUMER ARRANGES THE RETAILER: Each selected member will need to arrange an agreement with a retailer. Sazerac notes they will not interject in this process. The site does note suggested pricing.

BUFFALO TRACE DISTILLERY EXPERIENCE: If selected, you will have the option to visit the stoic grounds of Buffalo Trace Distillery for a private tour and the opportunity to sample your barrel on distillery grounds (most brands, anyways). If a trip to BTD isn’t in the cards, Sazerac can ship samples to you. But yeah, probably best you “buy the ticket, take the ride” as Hunter S. Thompson wisely said;)