UPCOMING EVENT: “2024 Commonwealth Bash” Fundraiser at Lexington’s Henry Clay Estate


The Lexington Bourbon Society (KY) is throwing their largest annual fundraiser on June 15th. The “Commonwealth Bash” celebrates the birth month of Kentucky as benefits will go towards the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation. The evening will include Bourbon tastings from some terrific producers. A live and silent auction will also be taking place.

Clay is certainly a Kentucky legend as a horseman, statesman, and deep admirer of Kentucky’s beloved Bourbon. He’s in the books for his penchant for Mint Juleps as it was also said he would bring an entire full barrel of Bourbon with him to D.C. to “lubricate the wheels of government”. We can certainly get behind that. The estate is beautiful and equally historic. Throw some nice Bourbon in the mix, sounds like a pretty awesome evening to us!

Event Details

WHAT: “2024 Commonwealth Bash”

WHERE: “Ashland – Henry Clay Estate”

WHEN: Saturday, June 15th 6:30 – 8:30pm


HOST: Lexington Bourbon Society

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