Top 10 Best Selling Brands of American Whiskey per “Drinks International”

{Lists and images provided by Drinks International}

It’s the age old instinct of curiosity burning in us all. We wanna know what’s doing the best!

“Drinks International” media engine has composed the Top 10 hitter for Best Selling Brands of American Whiskey and also “Most Trending” which notes the brands that are on noticeable uptick in reaching the consumer glasses at bars globally.

CAUTION: The method of data collection consisted of interviewing 106 bars around the globe. A small sample size, sure. But, the list of bars were cherry picked as leaders of the booze industry in their respective markets. So, while perhaps “statically significant” questionable, it’s still worth to hear what some kick-butt bars have to say about what’s happening behind their sticks. More on the data collecting method HERE, if you’re interested.

Now, for the Top 10 Best Selling and Most Trending American Whiskey lists:

Artwork provided by Drinks International