Tennessee Distillers Guild Announces Official Launch Of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

NASHVILLE, Tenn., JUNE 1, 2017 – The Tennessee Distillers Guild, a membership organization consisting of 25 Tennessee distilleries, is proud to announce the official launch of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, a 25-stop distillery tour across the state of Tennessee.

“The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is a joint effort by all of our Guild members to feature Tennessee whiskey and moonshine, as well as the craftsmen and women that make them,” said Kris Tatum, president of the Tennessee Distillers Guild. “On the Trail, visitors can learn about the art of distilling and about the history and the culture of whiskey-making that is legendary in our state.”

“Nelson’s Greenbriar Distillery.” Photo Courtesy of The Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail consists of 25 distilleries ranging from boutique-sized distilleries to large internationally-recognized operations that span from East to West Tennessee. Along the Trail, visitors can get a taste of the history, tradition, and novelty of Tennessee whiskey, as well as experience the landscapes, landmarks, and genuine Southern hospitality that embody the state of Tennessee.

The Trail’s official launch will be marked by three statewide celebrations in East, Middle and West Tennessee throughout the course of its inaugural year. The first celebration will take place at the Little Brick Theatre at the Factory in Franklin on June 19, 2017. The second celebration will coincide with the Tennessee Distillers Guild’s annual Grains and Grits Festival in Townsend, TN on Nov. 3-4, 2017, and the third and final celebration will take place in Memphis in May 2018.

Several of the distilleries participating in the Whiskey Trail have ties to the Bourbon lifestyle as well. Brown-Forman, whose brand portfolio includes Woodford Reserve and Old Forester, will have a stop on the Trail in Lynchburg, TN at the Jack Daniel Distillery. Diageo’s Bulleit Bourbon also has a Tennessee whiskey cousin on the new Trail in Cascade Hollow, TN, at the George Dickel Distillery. While not a part of the Trail, spirits giant Sazerac Company has also recently invested in the Tennessee Whiskey business with their purchase of the craft distillery Popcorn Sutton.

“Whiskey in waiting at the George Dickel Cascade Distillery.” Photo courtesy of The Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

To embark on the Trail, visitors can get their free passport booklet on tnwhiskeytrail.com or pick them up at select distillery locations and collect stamps at each distillery en route. Those who collect all 25 stamps will receive a commemorative gift to mark their achievement. To get your free passport booklet or to plan your trip, visit www.tnwhiskeytrail.com.