Publisher’s Letter, January 2016

you spoke & we listened

Since 2007 we’ve been curating the most relevant news in the world of American Whiskey. Over time, we’ve been quick to embrace digital publishing platforms, like Apple, Amazon & Google Play. In fact, The Bourbon Review has been downloaded in more than 120 countries worldwide! Meanwhile, we still publish a lovely print edition each quarter that reaches people in the far corners of the earth and all 50 states. By popular request, we are introducing a combined print & digital subscription offer. For the first time ever, we are offering a 1-year PRINT & DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION for a combined price of $26.99. To celebrate this change, we’re offering a 26% discount for an introductory offer. From now until January 26th, a combined PRINT & DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION for 1-year is $19.99. No discount codes… just click here to purchase.


If you are a current subscriber, you do not need to do anything. When it comes time to renew, you have the option of enjoying our content through either platform, by purchasing a combined subscription. Or, you can opt to continue your subscription in a stand-alone print or digital format. We will continue to offer a print & digital subscription as separate & distinct offers.


Also, we now offer an auto-renewing feature. You can opt to auto-renew any subscription, which has the added benefit of locking in your current subscription rate, for years to come. SO… if you choose to purchase our current subscription special discount of $19.99 for an auto-renewing, 1-year subscription to both the print & digital format, you will (a) add a year to a current subscription & (b) lock-in this price for an annual auto-renewal, once your subscription has expired.


For those who have purchased our 2-year print subscription offer, we’re not going to offer this any longer, because we now have the auto-renewal feature. We’ll still honor your existing subscription terms, but upon renewal, you’ll need to select one of our then-current subscription offers. It is also important to note that there is a way to NOT auto-renew, or “opt-out” of that feature. It’s just that, a feature.


Please let us know your questions! We will amend this article with Q&As that cover unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your time.


Phone: 502-333-0086


Questions & Answers:


Q: What if I have an existing subscription to print, do I now receive the digital edition for free?
A: Until now, we have sold our print & digital subscriptions as separate offers. Upon renewal, you have the option of purchasing a combined subscription.


Q: Is this an increase in the subscription price?
A: Until this point, a combined print & digital 1-year subscription would cost $16.99 for print & $14.99 for digital, for a combined price of $31.98. The price of $26.99 (following the introductory special of $19.99), is a 16% savings to $31.98. This is not an increase to the subscription price.


Q: Why did you combine the subscription offers now?
A: Because we have so many customers who enjoy The Bourbon Review across both platforms, we invested in our systems & technology to be able to offer this combined print & digital subscription.


Q: If I purchased a previous subscription using a discount code, can I enroll to auto-renew at that discount rate?
A: Unfortunately, our system does not accommodate this functionality.