Old Carter’s New Releases will be First to Hit Shelves Outside Kentucky

Old Carter Bourbon Batch 3. Courtesy Photo.

Old Carter Whiskey Co. has announced the release of Old Carter Bourbon Batch 3 – and the expansion of distribution outside Kentucky.

Bourbon Batch 3 is a blend of mainly 15-year-old barrels blended with 12 and 13-year barrels of the same recipe. As with all Old Carter releases, the bourbon will be uncut and unfiltered – this one hitting at 106.2 proof. The bottling is highly limited, with only 1,539 bottles in existence.

“While Batch 3 is definitely well-defined by the older barrels in the blend, the younger barrels offer a smooth dancing counterpart of fresh warm baking spice and warm berry pie,” say the Carters. “The mature quality presents itself as deep, dark chocolate cherry, with tons of pipe tobacco, spanked leather and sultry wood all delivered with a warm hug. We just love the complexity of this Bourbon.”

This will be one the first of the Old Carter releases to see shelves outside Kentucky. While the brand’s home state will still get the lion’s share of the release, California and a few Mid-Atlantic states will receive cases as well.

“Since we spend half of our time in California, that was a natural next step.” Says Mark Carter, referring to the fact that they are based in Napa Valley, where they own and operate a winery in Calistoga. “DC is also a wonderful addition to our distribution channel, as they have been very supportive of our efforts from the start, even though we are very small, they wanted to work with us.”

The release is coming hot on the heels of American Whiskey Batch 2, a 12-year age stated blend of just 7 barrels of whiskey. Just 1579 of these mouthwatering 139.2 proof bottles hit shelves earlier this fall.

Kentucky and the new markets should also see the arrival of a few special single barrel selections from the brand, with barrel proof yields from 90 to 176 bottles per barrel. The Carters have already earmarked barrels for different states, so stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Bottles have already started to arrive on shelves in Kentucky and will be coming to TKTK soon for a suggested retail price of around $199.