NEW RELEASE: Wild Turkey 10 Year Rye Master’s Keep “Triumph”, Oldest Rye To Date

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Wild Turkey's Master's Keep "Triumph". Couresy

PRESS RELEASE COPY provided by Wild Turkey:

This week Wild Turkey announced the release of Master’s Keep Triumph, the latest addition to its highly collectible, annual Master’s Keep series.


  • Age: 10 Year Rye (OLDEST RYE from Wild Turkey)
  • Proof: 104 (52% abv)
  • Price: $275 SRP
  • Availability: June release nationally, also at the Wild Turkey Visitor Center

A true celebration of what Kentucky rye whiskey can be, this small batch, 10-year-old rye whiskey is the oldest age-stated rye ever released by Wild Turkey. Crafted by legendary Master Distiller Eddie Russell, Triumph’s extended aging process makes for a sweet honey and warm spiced profile that has reimagined conventional rye. A limited quantity of Master’s Keep Triumph will be available for fans in select US markets via online presale in early June, or fans can purchase Triumph in-store at select US retailers ahead of Father’s Day.

wild turkey
Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell. Courtesy

Ten years ago, before rye whiskey’s present-day popularity, Eddie Russell hand-selected and laid down what would eventually become Master’s Keep Triumph. Inspired by the affinity that his son, Associate Blender Bruce Russell, has for rye, Eddie began exploring the possibilities offered by the spicy and bold style of whiskey. After a decline in popularity post-prohibition, many distillers pulled the spirit from shelves while Wild Turkey held true to its convictions and continued to produce top-quality rye with mainstay products like Wild Turkey 101 Rye. The name Triumph speaks to the contemporary revival of rye whiskey, now recognized for its quality and distinctive profile, and to Wild Turkey’s reverence for all the spirit has to offer.

“The Master’s Keep series continues to be a display of our creativity and quality at Wild Turkey. We’ve always seen the collection as a vehicle to tell stories that celebrate our heritage and who we are as a distillery,” says Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Eddie Russell. “This particular release was inspired by Bruce’s fondness for rye and is a nod to his influence on my work. Triumph is a rye you’ll be proud to serve neat and is a testament to the tenacity of the spirit.”

The Master’s Keep series first started in 2015 as a way for Master Distiller Eddie Russell to showcase his unique approach to making bourbon. Triumph is the second rye whiskey to be released within the series, following Master’s Keep Cornerstone in 2019. Building upon the high standard set by Cornerstone and fan favorites Wild Turkey 101 Rye and Rare Breed Rye, Triumph serves as an evolution of the distillery’s rye craftsmanship while proudly donning the oldest age statement ever for a Wild Turkey rye.

Master’s Keep Triumph’s extended maturation helped to develop a complex and bold flavor profile that’s consistent with the high quality that fans have come to expect from the Master’s Keep collection. The 104-proof expression features sweet honey and clove notes that transition to dark chocolate, dates and spice with a rich mocha-coffee and black pepper finish. While conventional ryes are enjoyed by many in cocktails, Master’s Keep Triumph gives reason to enjoy rye on the rocks or neat.

Master’s Keep Triumph will be available in limited quantities via US online presale beginning in early June. Fans can sign up for the Wild Turkey community newsletter here to learn more about the product and presale availability. The release will also be available in-store at select US retailers, and at the distillery’s newly renovated Visitor’s Center, ahead of Father’s Day. Suggested retail price is $275. Wild Turkey encourages fans to never compromise and enjoy responsibly.

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