NEW RELEASE: Old Forester 117 Series ‘Warehouse H’

Old Forester 117 Series, Warehouse H. Courtesy Image

PRESS RELEASE: Copy Directly from Old Forester

Warehouse H is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from Old Forester’s The 117 Series. The limited edition series which first launched in spring 2021 aims to showcase experimentation and innovation.

Here Old Forester highlights Warehouse H which was built shortly after WWII ended in 1946. It’s a 4-story 8 chamber warehouse designed to be heat cycled in the winter months. Warehouse H is unusual in that its first floor was often the the floor which had the highest temperatures. This bottling features barrels from that historic warehouse.

Released in February 2023, it’s available for purchase at the distillery and for guests who book to stay at the brand’s Prohibition-themed apartment “The Sleepeasy” on Whiskey Row in downtown Louisville. (SRP $59.99/375ml)

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