NEW RELEASE: Jim Beam’s “Little Book: Chapter 8”. First Ever Rye by Master Distiller Freddie Noe.

Little Book Chapter 8. Courtesy


In 2012, Fred Noe, 7th Generation Beam Family Master Distiller, asked his son Freddie if he was sure he wanted to be in the family business. Freddie didn’t hesitate – he said yes.

Freddie took on roles across distillery operations to learn the ins and outs of the business. During this time, Freddie discovered a real fascination with tinkering – just like his granddaddy, Booker. He was drawn to the practically limitless palette of tastes and flavors created by blending different aged spirits and pushing the boundaries of the whiskey category.

Little Book® is Freddie’s passion in a bottle and his way of honoring his granddad and family. The name “Little Book” was the nickname given to Freddie growing up by his granddad Booker.

QUICK FACTS: “Little Book Chapter 8”

  • AGE: 18yrs Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (High Rye), 11yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, 7yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Malt Whiskey, 5yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (KY Family-Style, Char 4), 5yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (PA Family-Style, Char 1), 5yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (PA Family-Style, Char 4), 4yrs Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
  • PROOF: 118.2 (59.1 abv)
  • PRICE: $149.99 SRP
  • AVAILABILITY: Now nationwide

This is Freddie’s very first ALL RYE creation. Typically debuting in August, Chapter 8 is hitting a bit early.

little book
L: Freddie Noe. R: Fred Noe (father). Courtesy

FROM THE BRAND: Path Not Taken explores the future of American Rye by blending a unique range of ryes together – showing you that rye still has plenty of stories left to tell. This blend consists of seven liquids ranging from 4 years old, to 18 years old, with an ABV of 59.1% and an SRP of $149.99.

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