NEW RELEASE: Jefferson’s “Marian McLain” Blends 5 Unique Whiskies

Jefferson's "Marian McClain" Release. Courtesy

Trey Zoeller has come a long way in 25 years since founding Jefferson’s Bourbon, alongside his father Chet. The Bourbon scene was a lot different back in those days versus the present hay day of the Bourbon Renaissance. Starting on a shoestring budget and gutting it out took good old fashioned entrepreneurial grit. Apparently, that toughness and fighting “spirit” is in the blood, going back eight generations to be precise.

Marian McLain is Trey’s 8th generation grandmother. Trey’s father, a masterclass researcher, discovered and uncovered an interesting connection to their Revolutionary War era ancestor. Marian’s husband passed during the War of American Independence. Needing to feed her five children, the gritty gal turned to making moonshine. She was charged with making booze and not paying the required taxes on it.

Paying homage to his family roots, Trey has created Jefferson’s newest release “Marian McLain” Whiskey. The blend is marriage of 5 purposefully selected Bourbons and whiskies. The number 5 representing her number of children. The flavor range of the chosen 5 whiskies is quite incredible. From different ages. To different finishes ranging from a wheated double barrel to a rum cask finish. And a nice proof at 102.

We’re excited to hopefully score a dram of this one!

Jefferson’s “Marian McLain”: Blend of 5 Whiskies

  1. 40% 11-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  2. 21% 14-Year-Old Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  3. 17% Rum Cask Finish
  4. 14% Wheated Double-Barrel
  5. 8% 8 Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled at 102 proof (51% abv), with a SRP of $300 nationwide, now available.

“We started Jefferson’s on a shoestring budget and with Marian’s vivacious spirit in mind – it’s why we do what we do,” says Zoeller. “This entrepreneurial fund is our way of helping other people who, like Marian and Corcoran, are risking everything to pursue their dreams.”

Marian McLain Entrepreneurial Fund: $20,000 Prize

To embody Marian’s gutsy go-getter grit, Jefferson’s has partnered with highly successful entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) in creating the Marian McClain Entrepreneurial Fund. The gist, potential contestants are encouraged to submit a short video of their snappy business idea HERE. Trey and Barbara will choose the grand prize winner and award of $20,000. The winner will also get the chance to connect with Trey and Barbara to help cultivate the winning idea.

Five consolation winners will get $1,000 (the same amount of money Corcoran had to start her real estate business). Submissions to the contest have opened and will close on May 7, 2023.


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