NEW RELEASE: Chattanooga Whiskey “Batch 034: Pecan Infused”

Chattanooga Whiskey Batch 034: Pecan Infused

Given its Thanksgiving week, seems like it would be a crime to not talk about an all natural pecan infused whiskey that is just hitting. Chattanooga Whiskey announced the newest release in their award-winning Experimental Single Batch Series: Batch 034: Pecan Infused.

Inspired by the flavors of Thanksgiving dessert, the all-natural bourbon liqueur was infused with a blend of vanilla beans, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, orange peel, and 100 pounds of roasted pecans, before a final addition of cane sugar and dark Belgian candi syrup. The result showcases flavors of turtle chocolate, toasted coconut, praline, and sweet potato pie.

As with their previous liqueurs, Batch 034 was crafted from a base of the company’s trademarked Tennessee High
Malt Whiskey, and in this case contained a complex variety of 10 unique pot distilled bourbon mash bills, ranging
between four and seven years old.

Batch 034 comes on the heels of a number of other highly anticipated Experimental releases, including Batch 033: Triple Peat, which was a Scotch-inspired blend of three peated whiskeys finished in three different Islay Scotch Casks; and Batch 032: Bourbon Barreled Limoncello, an Italian-inspired high malt liqueur made with over 100 pounds of fresh lemon peel.

“One of the greatest things about our infused liqueurs is their unmatched, full-flavored complexity,” said Founding Distiller and Chief Product Officer, Grant McCracken. “A big part of that complexity comes from our all-natural approach, which exclusively utilizes real ingredients, and puts them in direct contact with the whiskey over multiple days or weeks. And while the process is difficult, and takes much longer to execute, it’s absolutely worth the wait.”

Bottled at 85 proof in 750ml bottles, Batch 034: Pecan Infused will be available at the Chattanooga Whiskey
Experimental Distillery for $54.99, and available online for shipping to select states on

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