NEW RELEASE: 15 Year ‘Gray Label’ Cask Strength by Barrell Craft Spirits


  • Matured for 15 years
  • Distilled and Aged in IN, KY, and TN
  • Crafted and bottled in KY
  • 100.4 proof cask strength bottling

The barrels harvested for this limited release were selected for their refined properties, and extraordinary flavor profile. The complex 15-year-old-bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It’s a perfect union of grain and barrel with an opulent oak forward nose and a honey brulée palate that reveals the lushness of the grain.

A bourbon characterized by evolution — where some whiskeys display their complexity all at once, here the flavors remain focused yet ephemeral. A gentle minerality yields to candied scents and then savory earthy ones, fruity aromas, and finally herbs and spices. The palate, meanwhile, is bright and sweet and tastes of cola.

This release is hitting shelves now, and will be available for about $250 per bottle. Barrell also sells this release online through their website.

Appearance: bronze

Nose: starts off with a puff of chalk dust and wood smoke. Underneath are notes of toasted marshmallow warm honeycomb and chocolate babka straight from the oven. Soon nubuck leather and sunflower seed jostle to the fore. Fruits emerge next from ginger gold apples through roasted banana to strawberry jam, ending with chamomile and eucalyptus. 

Palate: A syrupy and sweet arrival is kept in check by moderate heat and some light but gritty tannin. A vivid cola note dominates at first, then allspice, fennel seed and peppermint, lead the wave of the oak spice. A little fruity spirit peeks through with pops of green grape, strawberry meringue and jasmine. 

Finish: The sugar washes away quickly, leaving a surprisingly dry, oily palate with more noticeable tannin. The character correspondently shifts to drier notes of pipe tobacco, walnut and iced coffee. As they fade, a little more fruit emerges, around rhubarb jam and sumac. 

With a splash of spring water: the nose becomes incredibly fruity showing crabapple, lychee, and blackberry tart. The palate grows fruitier as well, here on watermelon and earl gray tea. But it also develops an earthy spiciness, along gingerbread, radish and nasturtium.