New Online “Bourbon Limited Members Club” by Louisville’s Frazier History Museum

Frazier History Museum
"Bourbon Limited Membership Club" by Frazier History Museum

Only in Kentucky would a history museum be dubbed the “starting point” of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, such is true for the Frazier History Museum in downtown Louisville. And for good reason as it has a first class in depth dissection of Kentucky’s deep rooted history with America’s Native Spirit. Let us not forget, an incredible display of historical vintage Bourbon bottles, which never is a bad idea to spend your time gazing upon.

You know what they say, history favors the bold. And now, the FHM is taking a bold leap in starting its very own premium Bourbon club titled “Bourbon Limited Members’ Club”.

The Club Concept and How It Works

Frazier Museum
From “Bourbon Limited” website.

BLMC is an online Bourbon subscription membership service offering exclusive bottlings and expressions from its supporting KY distillery partners.

After signing up, you’ll have the option of purchasing a bottle which is then sent to your doorstep roughly every 2 months, in a sleek package nonetheless. The cost is $199, excluding tax and shipping which will be automatically calculated for you, depending on your location.

Starting out, IT’S KY BASED ONLY. If you’re out of state, now may be a good time to reach out to the KY based family member or friend, tell them how much you miss them. Ask them why they don’t call anymore. Get the guilt thing going, they’ll be putty in your hands!

There is a max of 5,000 Club Member seats so to speak, a person can purchase more than one membership. Each subsequent offering will differ from the prior release. Per the FHM, the picks are crème de la crème. They are designated to be special offerings. Given the FHM’s close relationships with the KY distillery base, we will take their word on this.

To sign up and reserve your spot, all that is required is a valid credit card number, an email address, and a mailing address, which Bourbon, Limited will simply keep on file until the first shipment is ready for release. At that time, you’ll get an update informing you your card is being charged and your shipment is being prepared. You can cancel anytime between now and then with no obligation (although you’ll give up your place on the member list).

To reiterate that last part, you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A BOTTLE. However, if you cancel, you are opted out and you risk losing club entry, pending on if 5,000 seats are taken at that moment. If the club is full (all 5,000 seats taken), you will be on a waiting list for re-entry.

If you join, please keep us posted on your opinion of the experience.