One-of-a-Kind Bottle of Michter’s 22-Year-Old Bourbon is Up For Auction

Michter's 22-Year-Old Bourbon Auction Lot.
Michter's 22-Year-Old Bourbon Auction Lot.

Michter’s has put a one-of-a-kind 22-Year-Old Bourbon up for auction for charity. Bottle 1 of 1 closes later this month and if you want it, you’re gonna have to pay.

It almost looked like a typo at first, seeing a 22-year rather that the well-known 20 and 25 bottles the market covets so dearly. But it wasn’t any of those things, but rather an intentionally unique release.

“We were asked by our dear friend Sukhinder Singh if we could get a unique bottle of Michter’s for an auction,” explains Michter’s President Joseph J. Magliocco. “In support of Plastic Oceans International, we have donated for auction the first-ever release of Michter’s 22-Year Bourbon, at least since the effort to restore the brand began in the 1990s. This bottle contains whiskey taken from an extraordinary barrel personally selected by Andrea Wilson, our Master of Maturation. The rest of the barrel has been left to age more.”

Michter’s bottles (which are often from lots of hundreds) tend to have gargantuan resale values on the secondary market, so we’re curious to see where this one ends up. Current bids top out $6,000 US (it’s a British auction lot).

The 700 ml. bottle (the standard European size for liquor bottles) of Michter’s 22-Year Bourbon is available here for you to stare longingly at, even if you don’t plan to bid on it.

G. Clay Whittaker
Clay is Editor at Large of The Bourbon Review. He has written about whiskey, food, drink, and culture for Esquire, Playboy, Men's Journal, Popular Science, Southern Living, Maxim, among others.