LIMITED EDITION: Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s Upcoming 3rd Release at 107 Proof Hitting Soon

Kentucky Senator Bourbon
{Photo} Seth Thompson {Lighting and Setup} Richie Wireman

Beginning next week, Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s (KSB) upcoming third release, a limited edition run, is slated to begin hitting the shelves of Kentucky and a few online resources for national reach.

Kentucky Senator Bourbon
Photo: Seth Thompson

Each release named after a former U.S. Senator, the upcoming release ‘John G. Carlisle‘, the famous U.S. Senator from Northern Kentucky (Covington) who along with Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr., were the kingpins of 1897’s Bottled-In-Bond Act. BiB Act is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year.

Fact Sheet

  • Aged 7 years
  • 107 Proof (Initial Proof: 121.2)
  • All 3 releases of KY Senator Bourbon are bottled at 107 proof. Future releases are scripted to stay at 107 proof bottling. Co-founders Damon Thayer and Andre Regard do this partly as a hat tip to olden days of more common 107 barrel proof bottling. Think Weller Antique.
  • Mashbill: 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley
  • Number of bottles for this release: 1,100
  • Each bottle is numbered
  • EXCLUSIVE: 25 barrels were initially purchased by the KSB owners in Spring 2021. 6 barrels to be released per year for four straight years (2021 age 6, 2022 age 7, 2023 age 8, 2024 age 9) then we will have ONE single barrel left of 10 year bourbon in 2025.  

Where To Find It

The limited edition release will be available at liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout Kentucky, with single barrel private selections at Liquor Barn, Party Mart and DEP retail outlets. The John G. Carlisle Release is also available online at and will be featured later this summer exclusively in Washington D.C. at legendary Bourbon mecca Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

About The Owners and The Brand

Damon Thayer has been a Kentucky based Senator since 2003 and a strong supporter of the Bourbon Industry during his tenure. Regard, a Louisiana native, ran a Kentucky based horse breeding operation and is an equine attorney and a successful entrepreneur. The two have the ultimate Kentucky background in Bourbon and horses, missing only fried chicken for the trifecta. More can be read about the management team in their online bios (

The Kentucky Senator brand originated from Crigler and Crigler (1874 – 1916) in Northern Kentucky. The brand was later distilled and bottled by Double Springs Distillers, Inc. in Bardstown. Today, Kentucky Senator has been given a fresh look thanks to local managers Andre Regard and Damon Thayer.