Handcrafting Heritage with Lakeside Woodworks

My Old Kentucky Chair, the first Bourbon Barrel Morris Chair made at Lakeside Woodworks.

Nick Arlinghaus, Chris Hurst, and Ryan Corrigan create more than furniture – they help create memories

In 2013, Nick Arlinghaus was working in Kentucky in remodel and construction, but he had a passion for in-shop woodworking. Calling on her already handy husband, Nick’s wife showed him a photo of a live slab table. “I can make that,” thought Nick. This soon turned into his full time job.

Nick Arlinghaus, Ryan Corrigan, and Chris Hurst make up Georgetown’s Lakeside Woodworks.

Lakeside Woodworks was founded in Georgetown, KY, in the fall of 2014 after Arlinghaus’ first table made its way into his home. Joined by Ryan Corrigan and Chris Hurst, his business began to expand far past tables and chairs.

Today, Lakeside Woodworks makes gifts for all lovers of their rugged Southern Style. They’ve created laser-cut custom barrel heads, medals for 5k races, and awards for businesses to give to their employees, as well as gorgeous heirloom furniture, wall coverings, and fireplaces mantles.

Laser-cut wooden plaques created by Lakeside Woodworks for the Bourbon Review’s list of The Best Places to Stay in Bourbon Country

“We really enjoy being able to make custom gifts for people. It’s a blessing to see how blown away people are by how intricate we can make a design in wood or metal,” says Arlinghaus.

When it comes to furniture, the Morris Chair is one of their personal favorites, both for comfort and for style. “Ryan and I had been wanting personal Morris chairs for a long time,” says Arlinghaus. “We were sitting at the shop one day and happened to see some reclaimed barrel staves, which soon became the bow arm of the chair.”

While the chair itself is stunning, “to sit in it is a whole other thing,” claims Arlinghaus.

“It’s a very nappable chair,” Hurst chimes in.

The table that started it all – a live edge slab that now serves as the Arlinghaus family dining room table.

Most of their furniture are made from reclaimed barn wood, some touchingly from the very properties where they’ll be used. However, the LWW guys have also crafted tables from reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk, Jim Beam Rickhouse flooring (which they note gave the shop a pretty fantastic scent), and more. In Scott County, fencing from the Horse Park was used to create wall covering and conference tables for their Tourism boards.

“It would be hard for me to say I have a favorite table,” says Arlinghaus, “but I always go back to the fact that we started with a table. Growing up and sitting at the family dinner table was so important to me, and we know that our tables create that atmosphere to create conversation and lasting memories.”

A table created by Lakeside Woodworks for a family who was thrilled to have somewhere to eat together.

“The tables we build are so sturdy, built to stand the test of time. Every dinner is with your family, and we provide the space for those moments around generational pieces,” says Hurst. They’ve delivered to families who up to then had no central spot to eat together – and remember one simple reclaimed table in particular that they brought to a family who were “over the moon” at being able to spend time together around it.

“Its always going to be enjoyable for us to be doing something custom or vintage,” says Arlinghaus. Want your own heirloom from Lakeside Woodworks? Click here or email [email protected] to reach out.