Jim Beam’s Smart Bourbon Decanter Delivers Snark with Every Shot

Jim Beam has released the ultimate smart assistant for the Bourbon lover’s home bar – ”Jim”. The company touts the machine as “the latest in cutting edge Bourbon technology,” describing it as “a breakthrough smart decanter, engineered with more than 200 years of Bourbon know-how and a hint of Kentucky charm.”

The “Alexa”-style decanter borrows its voice (and Kentucky charm) from seventh generation master Distiller Fred Noe. Although he answers to “Jim,” the sassy sayings are all his. Don’t confuse him with Siri – if you ask him the weather, you’ll hear him say, “I have no idea. But I do know, its the perfect weather to enjoy Bourbon.”

If you feel like enjoying that Bourbon rather than talking to Jim, check out the most useful (and entertaining) function of the decanter – decanting. The machine responds to “Jim, pour me a drink,” by filling the glass beneath the spout.

The Jim comes at the surprisingly low cost of $35. While the gadget is currently listed as sold out, the company does plan to restock in the next week.

This isn’t the first time that Jim Beam has married whiskey and wiring. The Jim Beam Apple Watch, their take on a smart watch, hid a pop-up shot glass.

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Caroline Paulus is the Senior Editor for The Bourbon Review. She lives and writes in Lexington, Kentucky. Follow her on Instagram @misswhiskeyhistorian to keep up with her latest in bourbon news - and a few old finds, too.