Distilleries can sell, pour more Bourbon

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By Shea Davidson


Bourbon Enthusiasts could soon be leaving their favorite distilleries with more of a Bourbon taste in their mouths. The Kentucky House has passed a bill that would allow Bourbon distilleries in wet cities or counties to offer by-the-drink sales.


Senate Bill 11 is designed to allow distilleries to sell more of their Bourbon and offer larger amounts of free samples. Currently, visitors of legal drinking age can get up to a 1 ounce sample at distilleries in wet territories. This legislation would increase the amount to 1.75 ounces. It would also allow tourists to buy up to 9 liters (equivalent to a case, or 12 750ml bottles) at a distillery, compared to 3 liters.


The bill cleared the House on a 76-20 vote Monday. It had already passed the Senate but the House made some changes. If the Senate accepts House changes, the bill moves on to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s desk.