Missouri’s Holladay Distillery Counts Down to Release of Craft Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon Barrels at Holladay DIstillery in Weston, Missouri (PRNewsfoto/Holladay Distillery)

Only 958 Days (and Counting) to go 

Holladay Distillery has launched the Holladay Bourbon Countdown Clock to count down the days until the company’s first Bourbon release. In 2015, the distillery underwent a $10 million renovation of its original stillhouse and started distilling Bourbon on site again for the first time in over thirty years.

Holladay Distillery is located in Weston, Missouri, on land first charted by Lewis and Clark in 1804. When Kentucky-born brothers Ben and David Holladay first acquired the property, they knew the limestone springs running through the land were perfect for one thing: Bourbon. Ben Holladay went on to fame and fortune and was known as the “Stagecoach King” for his involvement in both the Wells Fargo Express and the Pony Express – and for using those stage lines to get his Bourbon to the West.

The distillery has changed ownership and names numerous times since its founding in 1856 and is the home to a premium brands portfolio that includes 360 Vodka, Broker’s Gin, Tequila Rose, and its newest, the award-winning Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur.

Given the company’s history, the decision to resume Bourbon production was an easy one, but its undertaking came with restraint. “Making good Bourbon takes more than a good story,” said Mick Harris, president of Holladay Distillery. “There is no instant gratification if you’re doing it right.” The company hired Kyle Merklein, a Master Distiller with a Masters of Science in Biological Engineering and expertise in Fermentation Engineering, to oversee its Bourbon operation.

“Making Bourbon is a complex mix of art and science,” Harris continued. “There are nuances in every detail, from the grain to the climate to the water, that demand the careful attention of a skilled distiller. Producing a true craft Bourbon whiskey is much more than putting the word ‘craft’ on a mass-produced spirit, and I think consumers are starting to realize that.”

The first Bourbon release from Holladay Distillery will be a four-year-old wheat, with other varieties to follow. Please visit holladaydistillery.com for information about tours and tastings and a calendar of events including the 2018 Night Tours, which include a progressive sampling of Holladay bourbon aged six months, twelve months, and two years.