Holiday Flight Enhancer: These 2 Airlines Now Have BUFFALO TRACE BOURBON CREAM, And We’re Stoked About It

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream
Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is now on Delta and Allegiant Flights

Is there anything better than a good cup of jolting java to start your day? The answer is, well, yes, if that includes adding a delicious dab of “coffee buddy” to your day starter (or nightcapper). We were very pleased to learn that 2 airlines have decided to pick up their holiday travel game by adding Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream (BTBC) to the adult beverage menu.

Beginning October, both Delta and Allegiant airlines began carrying what we call the “Dream Cream”. And per Buffalo Trace Distillery, it’s served on ALL flights of these airlines that permit alcohol.

BT Bourbon Cream is made from actual Buffalo Trace Bourbon and real cream, per the brand. Clocking in at 30 proof, that’s enough to improve in flight moral. With an SRP of $19.99, its a great grab for, well anytime, but especially with Old Man Winter closing in.

On occasion, we’ve been known to completely forget to add BTBC to our coffee, sipping it neat style. Just kidding, that happens way more often than on occasion;)…It is truly divine enough though in our opinion to sip chilled on its own.

Safe travels and happy trails this holiday travel season, and don’t forget, your coffee deserves a travel buddy too:)

RECIPE: “Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Hot Chocolate”

Holiday drink - Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Hot Chocolate