Have Bourbon Cookies Shipped Directly To Your Door From Bourbon Country

Father's Day Edition — Ouita Michel's Favorite Cookie Box

Treat yourself, or your dad this Father’s Day, to fresh bourbon cookies delivered right to your door! Move over Girl Scouts, these cookies are directly inspired by bourbon with flavors like ‘The Old Fashioned’ and ‘Bourbon Toffee Crisp!’ Plus, each box of cookies comes with two Kentucky Bourbon Balls from Ruth Hunt Candies.

Seven-time James Beard nominee, Chef Ouita Michel serves up these made-from-scratch bourbon cookies out of her Midway Bakery. It’s one of seven central Kentucky restaurants owned by Michel that specializes in cookies, pies, and other baked goods using locally sourced ingredients–like corn and wheat grown in Kentucky.

According to ouitamichel.com, “These cookie recipes were dreamed up at The Midway Bakery to pair with your favorite spirit. The ingredients reflect onto your palate many of the notes found in your favorite glass: orange, vanilla, toasted nuts, toffee, chocolate, coffee, clove, sorghum, ginger, butter, corn and dried fruit.”

Each bourbon cookie box comes with 20 cookies, four of each variety. The site says they are, “all hand-rolled and created with real ingredients such as butter, cane sugar, vanilla and locally milled flour.” Michel’s is calling this cookie box the ‘Father’s Day Edition,’ which is a pretty strong hint that you should get an order for yourself and for dad.

Here is a list of each of the 5 cookie varieties included and tasting notes for each:

The Old Fashioned
A classic snickerdoodle recipe with hints of orange, vanilla and Kentucky bourbon

Bourbon Toffee Crisp
Rich caramel notes with chocolate, coffee, and clove undertones; all perfect pairs with your favorite sip

Corn Cookie
All bourbon is made from at least 51 percent corn. These corn cookies taste like new make spirit if it was slathered in butter and baked.

Sorghum Cookie
Sorghum molasses is one of our favorite pairs with bourbon. We even make sorghum juleps and often taste bourbon with little spoonfuls of Kentucky Sorghum molasses. Our cookie is made with the top sorghum in the United States, Kentucky’s own Country Rock Sorghum!

Woodford Cookie
Dark cocoa, dried cranberry, toasted pecans, rolled oats and chocolate chips are all great ingredients to pair with bourbon. We have rolled them all together in this flavor-packed bourbon taster’s delight.

The ‘Father’s Day Cookie Box’ can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and shipping is included in the price. According to the website, “Delivery is by USPS Priority mail. Please note: The U.S. Postal Service has told our team that Priority Mail might require a few extra days for shipping. The cookie box is scheduled to arrive 3-5 days from ship date to most locales (West Coast 5-7 days).” The price for a Bourbon Cookie Box Father’s Day Cookie Box is $36.99 and can be ordered HERE.