Goose Island’s ‘Bourbon County Stout’ Announces 30th Anniversary Celebration Rollout, hint NFT

Bourbon County Stout
Gold Level NFT

Goose Island Brewery (Chicago) is on the map for pioneering bourbon barrel finished beer, you’ve likely heard of their coveted and tough to find ‘Bourbon County Stout” (BCS) seasonal releases.

To celebrate BCS’s 30th Anniversary, they are jumping into the NFT world with quite an elaborate rollout – 2,022 NFT’s to be precise.

Each NFT fetches a price tag of $399.99. There are 3 different NFT tiers, each having their own perks. Here’s a breakdown per tier provided by their brand team:

  • Select (1,992 BHC NFTs): Our first tier of 1,992 Barrel House Collection NFTs is commemorative of the year Bourbon County Stout was created, 1992. These NFTs depict the eight “chapters” of our story illustrating the complex history of Bourbon County Stout and unlock special access to Bourbon County Stout offerings and collectibles. 
    • The (8) Chapters Include: History, White Oak, Coopering, Brewing, Distilling, Bourbon, Aging, Variants 
      • **Rare (unlocked when all 8 chapters are collected): When all eight chapters are cellared together by Black Friday 2022, your smart contract will produce the ninth special edition BHC NFT (Bourbon County Rare) to complete the story.
  • Reserve (29 BHC NFTs): Our second tier of 29 Barrel House Collection NFTs celebrates Bourbon County Stout’s 30th anniversary. Just like our Bourbon County Stout Reserve collection of beers this tier of BHC NFTs is even more rare and unlocks everything from the “Select” tier along with even more access to Bourbon County Stout offerings.
  • 24K Gold Edition (1 BHC NFT): Our third and rarest Barrel House Collection NFT will have one owner. This (1) BHC NFT is the rarest of them all and unlocks everything from the “Select” and “Reserve” tiers along with exclusive access to Bourbon County Stout offerings and collectables.


NFTs can be purchased directly through our website with the cryptocurrency ETH, Bitcoin, USDC, or with a credit card, just like any other online purchase. At purchase, your token will be randomly generated and revealed later in the month. This is also when you will find out which tier of NFT you will receive.

Goose will be offering email subscribers early access to purchase the Barrel House Collection of NFTs at noon (CT), May 13, ahead of the general public at 2pm (CT).