Going BIG on Charity: Buffalo Trace Distillery unveils LARGEST EVER bottles of O.F.C. VINTAGE 1982 BOURBON for upcoming online auction

Buffalo Trace Distillery O.F.C 1982 Bourbon
Courtesy Image from Blockbar.com

Today the 234-year-old Buffalo Trace Distillery is announcing a major milestone with the release of O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey, distilled in 1982.

The ultra-rare whiskey is the Distillery’s only vintage-dated bourbon and will be the first bourbon released in a colossal six-liter sized bottle and sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) on BlockBar.com – the world’s first DtC NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits.

The five bottles of this highly limited release are part of the 2,022 bottles that Buffalo Trace Distillery has pledged to give away in the year 2022 and will be auctioned off during a five-day event starting Monday, March 14th in collaboration with NFT platform BlockBar. It marks BlockBar’s first-ever auction and the first bourbon sold on its platform.

{For more on NFT’s and an overview of what it actually means in this case – STORY LINK}

Where To Bid

The five bottles of O.F.C. Vintage 1982 will each be auctioned off with a starting bid of approximately $25,000 USD (8.83 ETH). Bids can be placed via BlockBar.com HERE and can be made via Ethereum or Fiat starting at 10 a.m. EST on Monday, March 14th through 10 a.m. EST on Friday, March 18th. Proceeds from each of the winning, final bids will benefit the following charities:

World Central Kitchen – a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters, currently in Poland, Romania, and Moldova feeding “hot, nourishing meals” to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees

The James Beard Foundation – through their Open for Good campaign, the Foundation is committed to helping independent restaurants survive this crisis, rebuild better, and thrive for the long term

Elton John Aids Foundation – a global HIV charity that funds frontline partners to prevent new cases of HIV, fight stigma and provide care for those affected

The Art of Elysium – an artist organization built on the idea that through service, art becomes a catalyst for social change

261 Fearless – a global, non-profit women’s running organization dedicated to encouraging and uniting women through running

“We have been inspired by what our charity partners have done to help communities worldwide and are proud to help further their missions through the release of our exclusive O.F.C Vintage 1982 NFTs. We are thrilled to bring our rich history and philanthropic efforts to the forefront of today’s technology and we couldn’t ask for a better ally than BlockBar to help us achieve that.

Sara Sanders, VP of Marketing, Buffalo Trace Distillery

Includes VIP Experience

Each of the five NFTs will represent an authentic six-liter sized bottle of O.F.C Vintage 1982, available to be redeemed by December 31st, 2022. When redeemed, the NFT holder will also unlock a personal invitation to Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY for a private VIP tour experience that includes exclusive tastings of whiskeys from its rarest and most sought-after private collection, including some previous vintages from the O.F.C. collection.

“Buffalo Trace Distillery is world renowned and we’re honored to launch our first bourbon on Blockbar.com with five of their most coveted bottles,” comments Dov Falic, co-founder and CEO of BlockBar. “The partnership marks our first live auction and to mark this milestone we are delighted to donate the proceeds of this drop to support the chosen non-profits of Buffalo Trace.”

All of the O.F.C. vintages are named after Buffalo Trace Distillery’s original moniker, the Old Fashioned Copper (O.F.C.) Distillery. The bourbon in the O.F.C. six-liter release was distilled in 1982, at what was then the George T. Stagg Distillery, now known as Buffalo Trace Distillery. When an inventory of all barrels was taken in 1998, these barrels were noted and left to age until 2001, when at that time the 19-year-old bourbon was vatted into stainless steel tanks, which is a very common process distillers use to halt the aging effects of the barrel on the whiskey.

As the spirit has been quietly maturing for over a quarter of a century, gaining greater complexity, the Buffalo Trace tasting panel is excited by how the whiskey developed. Harlen Wheatley, master distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery, details the taste as sophisticated, with an extraordinary richness and butteriness with layers of apple, pecans, ripened pear, dark Belgian chocolate, caramel and a kiss of black cherries.

“This remarkable whiskey transitions to a memorable finish of dried dark fruit with delightful lingering oak. All the time knowing that you’re tasting history as you taste the last drops,” said Wheatley. “This truly is a once in a lifetime taste experience.”

That Bottle: Stopper Alone Weighs 6 lbs

Like its predecessors in the O.F.C. line, the 1982 Vintage will be in an elegant, hand-cut crystal bottle with inlaid copper lettering custom created for the brand, but “supersized” in a six-liter bottle. A bottle of this magnitude has rarely been seen on the whiskey market. At six-liters, this bottle is nine times the size of a usual whiskey bottle and holds over a gallon of whiskey, standing at 2 feet tall and weighing 22.5 pounds with liquid inside. The cap itself weighs in at a hefty six pounds. Glass artisans cut the shoulder facets of the bottle using equipment created exclusively for Buffalo Trace Distillery. Each bottle was manually polished to achieve maximum glass brilliance before in-laying cut copper lettering to spell out “O.F.C.” on the front. The bottle is housed inside a wooden display case, along with a provenance card that notes the milestones of the year 1982, including iconic moments like the launch of the first CD player and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ being named the #1 album seller of all time.

Pre-Game Requirements Prior To Bidding

To make a bid using ETH you must have the funds in your wallet and connected to BlockBar. At 10:00 AM EST, all winning bidders have two hours to submit the full balance; payment will be accepted through Eth or fiat. Full Terms & Conditions may be found on BlockBar.com. Bids planning on using Wire Transfer must pre-approve the funds by going to BlockBar.com, selecting your payment method under the profile icon on the top right of the screen and clicking payment methods, and select “verify funds” for pre-approval.

Upon purchase of the NFT, the cryptographic version will be held securely by BlockBar.com, with a record of authenticity held on the blockchain as a digital certificate of ownership. The buyer may choose to redeem the physical product, and have it delivered from BlockBar’s secure storage facility, safely trade its NFT version within the BlockBar.com marketplace, keep in their virtual bar or gift the NFT through BlockBar’s new gifting platform.

For more information on O.F.C. Vintage 1982 and a guide to placing bids on BlockBar, please visit https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/our-brands/o-f-c-vintages.html andwww.blockbar.com