EVENT, Aug 10th: Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s “John G Carlisle” Release Party at Northern KY’s Smoke Justis

Kentucky Senator
Kentucky Senator 3rd Release: Special Event

PRESS RELEASE from “The B-Line for Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s upcoming launch Party.

Co-founders of Kentucky Senator Bourbon, KY State Senator Majority Leader, Damon Thayer, and equine attorney, Andre Regard, will be at Covington KY’s Smoke Justis on August 10th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. to launch Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s new release, the John G. Carlisle.

ARTICLE: Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s 3rd Release: John G. Carlisle

Smoke Justis is on our 2021 “America’s Best Bourbon Bars List. Cool vibe. Solid food and first class Bourbon selection.

Kentucky Senator Release Party, Smoke Justis
Smoke Justis. Part of Northern KY’s “The B-Line” and member of The Bourbon Review’s 2021 America’s Best Bourbon Bars list.

Kentucky Senator Bourbon is a storied brand in the state of Kentucky with deep Northern Kentucky roots. Whiskey makers of excellence, Crigler & Crigler, were based in Covington, KY on Pike and Scott streets prior to Prohibition. They originally produced the Kentucky Senator brand for the world as one the finest Kentucky Bourbons.

Senator Thayer and his business partner Regard gave Kentucky Senator new life by working with various providers to recreate this celebrated brand. They dedicate each release to a Kentucky Senator that has left their mark on history. The first release of Kentucky Senator honored Alben W. Barkley, a Kentucky Senator that became Vice President of the United States under President Harry S. Truman. The second release commemorated William J Deboe, a sponsor of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. We are especially excited about the third release of Kentucky Senator, celebrating Covington’s John G. Carlisle, who was critical to the passing of the Bottled in Bond Act in 1864.

The John G. Carlisle Kentucky Senator release is a seven-year-old bourbon at a 107 proof. We asked Executive Bourbon Steward and Head Bourbon personality at Smoke Justis, Jade Colwell, to give us some tasting notes to get you excited. She shared her thoughts on the new Kentucky Senator release as “a 7-year-old gem that has budding hints of freshly picked cherries on the tongue. As the bourbon progresses on the pallet shades of sour apple and freshly churned butter appear. Just when you think you are done it hits you with a perfect blend of walnuts and tangerine”.

Make sure to mark your calendar for August 10th at Smoke Justis for a chance to meet co-founders Thayer and Regard, sip some Kentucky Senator John G. Carlisle and learn more about what is next for the brand. The event is open to the public and begins at 6:00 p.m.

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