Old Forester and Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Cigar Pairing

Old Forester + Crowned Heads Jericho Hill ($10.50)

Old Forester and Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Cigar Pairing

Cigar Details

Mysterious. Intriguing. Haunting. 

The same words that accurately describe the legendary Johnny Cash can be used for a cigar that was inspired by one of his songs, “Cocaine Blues.” It’s time to make the acquaintance of Jericho Hill by Crowned Heads.

Crowned Heads cigars are built with a rebellious aura surrounding them. And this aura isn’t just a marketing ploy or some insecure attempt to appear cooler than they really are; these guys are legit. Their first cigar, Four Kicks, and their second, Headley Grange, were both inspired by songs and were specifically blended to mirror the beat of the music. It’s the same exact story with Jericho Hill, only this time the spotlight falls on none other than Mr. Johnny Cash. The song tells the sad tale of a man fueled up on whiskey and cocaine who accidentally kills a woman. The sheriff who catches him is from a town called Jericho Hill. All of the size names come from the songs on Cash’s “At Folsom Prison” album. 

Jericho Hill is the first regular production cigar from Crowned Heads to be offered out of Nicaragua and comes from My Father Cigars. The Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves are accompanied by a San Andres wrapper, also a first for the company, that’s visually stunning with minimal veins and blemishes. Flavor notes of earth, sweetness, and spice are all present, and the strength is decidedly medium, though it does perceptibly intensify in the final third. Fans of Cash, fans of Crowned Heads, and fans of great cigars would all do well to give it a shot.

Strength:  MEDIUM-FULL

Shape:      Willy Lee (Toro) 6” x 54

Wrapper:  San Andres

Origin:      Nicaragua

Price:       ~$10.50

Bourbon Details

Old Forester Signature is a 100 Proof Expression of the standard Old Forester Classic (bottled at 86 proof).  It uses the standard Old Forester mash bill.  Old Forester is a venerable brand, apparently the first whiskey sold in sealed bottles to the public.  Prior to prohibition, whiskey was sold mainly wholesale in barrels directly to rectifiers, retailers, and drug stores, etc.  Those organizations then blended the whiskey or brought t down to whatever proof they wanted.  Frighteningly, many added coloring and flavoring as well, some of which included tobacco juice for color, and even iodine.  In 1870, George Garvin Brown saw the need for a whiskey that consumers could be confident actually contained the only whiskey.  He sold his product exclusively in sealed glass bottles.  Thus, the consumer knew no coloring, flavoring, or water had been added by the retailer.  Brown’s company, if you haven’t already guessed, eventually became Brown-Forman.  His bourbon eventually became Old Forester.

Tasting Notes

Proof:   100 Proof

Color:   Medium-dark amber

Nose:    Graham crackers and brown sugar dominate the nose

Taste:   Sweet flavors of peaches, ripe banana, and plantains on the front of the tongue and hints of oak and butterscotch at the back 

Finish:   Medium-Long with some lingering cinnamon and spice