Calumet Farms Releases 12-Year Single Rack Black Bourbon

Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey has released a 12-year-old Single Rack Black Bourbon. Bottled at 94 proof, Calumet Farm 12-year-old Single Rack Black Bourbon will be introduced at $69.99 and available nationwide throughout 2018.

Bottled from an extreme small batch of 19 barrels, Calumet Single Rack Black Bourbon 12-year-old selects the specific center cut racks from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house.  Each rack provides the optimum level of temperature and humidity shifts for the best balance of flavor extraction from the charred white oak barrel.

Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey also offers a 10-year-old Single Rack Black bottled at 92 proof and a Small Batch Bourbon bottled at 86 proof.  To learn more about Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, please visit