Bullseyes and Bourbon – In That Order!

Photo: gotolouisville.com

Looking to get a little wild one weekend? If you’re in Louisville on April 28th, you’re in luck. Sour Mash Tours has put together a combination that flirts with danger – axe throwing, THEN Bourbon tasting.

Louisville’s Flying Axes is the first stop on the Bullseyes and Bourbon Tour. Don’t worry about looking like an amateur – the first half hour is spent with an assigned coach to help you learn how to safely aim and throw hatchets at different targets. The second half of the experience gets competitive.

“It’s kinda like more exciting darts,” says Andy Huenefeld of Sour Mash Tours. Pairs will compete as they try to take aim for a bullseye. SMT believes the axe throwing and Bourbon tasting combination to be the first of its kind.

After the weaponry portion of the day is complete, its time for the whiskey. First, the gang will head to Galaxie for some traditional corn Bourbon tasting. Louisville local brand Old Forester will star with their Old Forester Signature Bourbon, alongside two other good corn liquors.

“From there, we dive into what happens to the flavor when you ramp up the rye content at Taj across the street,” says Andy Huenefeld of Sour Mash Tours. This tasting trio will feature a specialty high rye Four Roses Single Barrel Pick.

Finally, wheated Bourbons will take the Stage at Feast BBQ. Expect a Weller Antique but be ready for some special surprises. All the stops on the tour are within about a half mile radius, so there’s no worries for a designated driver.

The entire package (an hour of axe throwing and three flights of whiskey) will run you only $65. Not to worry if the event sells out – Sour Mash Tours hopes to offer the experience again if all goes well. Click here to get your tickets, or find out more here!