Forecastle Raises Awareness For Earth’s “Hot Spots” Via Bourbon

By Justin Thompson

Fans of great Bourbon and music are in for a treat this week thanks to the Forecastle Festival and one of Kentucky’s largest liquor retailers, Liquor Barn.  These two entities had the great idea of pairing some of Bourbon’s best Master Distillers with national acts playing at Forecastle, to raise money towards the Forecastle Foundation’s mission to help preserve the Earth’s “Hot Spots.”

Hot Spots, coined in 1988 by British environmentalist Norman Myers, are threatened areas in the world that, according to the Forecastle Foundation, make up only 2.3% of Earth’s land mass but contain 77% of all vertebrate species and 50% of all plant species.  These areas are also threatened everyday by human development.

Have you ever wanted to be a Bourbonmentalist and help save the world by drinking Bourbon? Well, here’s your chance — you can help raise money for the Forecastle Foundation by purchasing special Bourbon at Liquor Barn starting this week.  These Bourbons are from special barrel selections that teamed up with the following brands and bands: Woodford Reserve Doubled Oak and Houndmouth, Old Forester and My Morning Jacket, Wild Turkey and Twin Limb and Four Roses and Shovels & Rope.

These Bourbon brands and bands were teamed up after each act explained the flavor characteristics of the Bourbon they enjoy.  From there, the Master Distiller at these Bourbon companies chose a barrel of Bourbon they thought achieved the flavor profile the bands asked for.

These Bourbons are currently for sale only at the Springhurst Liquor Barn store in Louisville, KY until supplies last.  You can also purchase samples from these bottles at the Forecastle “Bourbon Lodge” experience during the festival.


Bourbon and Forecastle Festival