Blood Oath Pact No. 6 is Coming This Spring From Lux Row

Blood Oath Pact No. 6. Photo Courtesy Lux Row Distillers.

Blood Oath Pact No. 6 is coming this spring from Lux Row Distillers’ Head Distiller and Master Blender John Rempe.

The Blood Oath line showcases high-end blends that experiment with barrel finishing, unique mash bills, and more. This year’s, Blood Oath Pact No. 6, is a blend of three Kentucky Straight Bourbons all made with traditional rye mash bills – a 14-year, an 8-year, and a 7-year that Rempe finished in cognac casks. The final blend was bottled at the line’s traditional 98.6 proof.

With notes of leather and oak from the older 14-year bourbon and warm toast and spice from the 8-year, Rempe promises a “memorable combination brings caramel notes and hints of spice, along extra flavor from the cognac barrels.”

“This particular pact is special in that the cognac barrels added some sweetness and a slight fruity, brandy flavor to the bourbon, creating an amazing taste profile,” said Rempe in a press release. “When selecting these bourbons, I wanted to see how these flavors meshed together and I have to say the result was spectacular.

“The Blood Oath series launched in 2015 and it’s hard to believe we have already created more than half a decade of Pacts,” he continues. “I’m honored to see consumers searching for the new release every year and get as excited as I am when a new Pact hits the shelves,” adds Rempe.

Just 17,000 cases of Blood Oath Pact No. 6 will be arriving this spring at a suggested retail price of around $100. Like all in the line except Pact No. 1, each bottle will come in a wooden box bearing the Blood Oath name. Link here to read more about Lux Row Distillers.