Award-Winning Maple Bourbon Glazed Wings for Tailgate Season

Recipe & Image | The Kitchen Whitelaw

Jeremy Whitelaw of The Kitchen Whitelaw brings us these award-winning wings just in time for fall tailgates. Jeremy used a blend of Reload Rub & Seasonings but your favorite rub of choice will do.

For 1 lb of wings:
☐ 6 tsp Reload Double Action (or any sweet & smoky BBQ blend)
☐ 1 tsp Reload Packin’ Heat (or any spicy blend)

Rub each wing with the seasoning mix and cook/smoke the wings using your preferred method. Finish off with a brush of Maple Bourbon Glaze (see recipe below).

☐ 2 tbsp Watson Barrel Aged Syrup (or you favorite pure maple syrup)
☐ 1 tbsp of your favorite Bourbon
☐ 1 tbsp unsalted butter
☐ Splash of Worcestershire

TIP: This recipe is scaleable based on need. The ration is 2:1:1

Combine ingredients in a small pot and heat over medium heat. Whisk to combine. Flambé the mixture to burn off any excess alcohol. Continue to cook until slightly reduced and throughly combined, about 5 min. Pour over/brush on cooked wings. Hot, glaze will thicken as it cools.

This glaze is perfect for brushing over any vegetable dish or meat. Get creative!