AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS: 16 Whiskey Things To Improve Your Life

Amazon Prime Day

It’s Christmas in July, aka AMAZON PRIME DAY.

Who doesn’t love the thrill of the deal? For some (OK, a lot of us), the hunt surpasses the deal itself. But scrolling through the ends of the e-earth, that takes time.

You’re very welcome as we’ve done the hunting for you and rounded up some pretty cool things that you likely never knew you needed until now. HINT: ship ‘n a bottle decanter set!!

What started out as 4 to 5 items blossomed into the 16 whiskey things to feast your eyes upon.

ABsuper cocktail smoker kit, Amazon Prime Day

Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch, Old Fashioned Whiskey Smoker Kit for Bourbon with 4 Flavour Wood Chips, Drinks Smoke Infuser Kit with Ice Cube for Cocktails Lover (No Butane)

PRICE: $22.74


Barrel Cocktail Smoking Kit, Amazon Prime Day

Smoke Barrel Kit – Cocktail Smoker Kit w/ Torch & Wood Chips for Whiskey & Bourbon – w/ Smoke Lid, an Old Fashioned Drink Smoker Kit – Whiskey Smoker Infuser Kit by Aged and Charred

Pricier than the standard smoking gun, but that barrel presentation is pretty sexy.

PRICE: $199

SAVE: 20%

Whiskey Master Class, Amazon Prime Day

Whiskey Master Class: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and More

OK, it’s not technically a Prime Day deal. But knowledge is power and knowledge is priceless. Especially at 31% off! And by acclaimed booze expert author Lew Bryson.

PRICE: $18.99


WHiskey Glass set, amazon prime day

OPAYLY Whiskey Glasses Set of 4, Rocks Glasses, 10 oz Old Fashioned Tumblers

PRICE: $17.51


Ship 'n a bottle decanter, amazon prime day

Jillmo Whiskey Decanter Set, 1250ml Whiskey Decanter with 2 Whiskey Glasses

C’mon, you know you’ve always wanted that ship in the bottle decanter set. Here’s your chance, at 51% OFF!

PRICE: $63.99


4 glass set with ice molds, amazon prime day

Whiskey Glasses with 4 Iceball molds and a Luxury Box, Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

What we liked about this – PRICE and ICE MOLDS INCLUDED. You and your Bourbon sippin’ buds are set for an eve on the rock. Comes to $8 per glass AND ice mold.

PRICE: $31.99


Italian made decanter and glass set

Paksh Novelty 7-Piece Italian Crafted Glass Decanter & Whisky Glasses Set, Elegant Whiskey Decanter with Ornate Stopper and 6 Exquisite Cocktail Glasses

PRICE: $23.99


Diamond Whiskey Decanter - DRAGON GLASSWARE®

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Decanter, With Diamond Glasses and Base, 25-Ounce


SAVINGS: 42% “Amazon’s Choice”

Fireball tumbler

Fireball Whiskey Gifts | This is Probably Fireball | Cinnamon Red Coffee/Liquor Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug with Lid 2 Straws and Gift Box

Some comic relief, a fine prank gift to any of your serious whiskey drinker pals. And if you buy it for yourself, well, we’ll never know.

PRICE: $11.97


mini barrel aging kit and decanter

Weilianda Personalized Wine Barrel,Whiskey Barrel,Mini Handmade Oak Aging Barrel with Stand,Bung,and Spigot,Complete Aging Kit Barrel

Can age your spirit within, fun to play with. Or, it has food grade bag liner that can be used converting it to a decanter.

PRICE: $43.99


home distilling set

VIVOHOME 3 Gal Moonshine Still Whiskey Making Kit, 12L Alcohol Water Distiller, 3 Stainless Steel Pots with Built-in Thermometer for Home Brewing and DIY Brandy, Vodka, Bourbon

Be your own distiller. When you move up the ranks and have your own Fortune 500 whiskey co., be sure to let us know.

PRICE: $111.99


Foneta Smoking Gun Cocktail Smoker Kit with Wood Chips, Dome & Cup Lid, Portable Indoor Smoke Infuser for Food Cooking, Cocktail Drinks, Whiskey, Steak, Salmon, Cheese, BBQ and Pizza

PRICE: $45.59


2 glass set with leather cigar holder

Whiskey Glass of 2,11oz Whiskey Glass Set Premium Tasting Tumblers for Whiskey, Bourbon & Cocktail– bottom Bump wolf head pattern, Hand Blown Crystal Tasting Cups

We liked the price accompanied by the leather cigar holder and stainless steal cutter. Good gift idea for the bucks.

PRICE: $21.59


beginner's bartender set

Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand | Silver Bar Set Cocktail Shaker Set for Drink Mixing – Bar Tools: Martini Shaker, Jigger, Strainer, Bar Mixer Spoon, Tongs, Opener

Nice beginner’s homebartender set, quipped with drink recipes to get you started. Great price.

PRICE: $24.74

SAVINGS: 61% “Amazon’s Choice”

12 piece barware set

Excello Global Products Barndoor Bartender Cabinet with 12 Piece Bar Tool Set: The Perfect Kit for Home Bartenders (Rustic Brown)

We’re digging the display aesthetic. And with all the inclusives for around $50, feels like a winner to us.

PRICE: $51.90


50 piece mini 1oz bottle set

Cedilis 50 Pack 1.7floz Mini Liquor Bottles with Funnels, Airtight Plastic Spirit Bottle with Black Cap

Good for splitting up bottle liquid amongst friends, club members, et et. Included funnel prevents spillage.

PRICE: $29.69


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