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The Bourbon Review is the foremost publication on the Bourbon lifestyle and all things related. Our rapidly growing community of cultured readers is active, affluent, and deeply engaged with The Bourbon Review magazine.

Whether they’re reading about the latest Bourbon industry news and events, the best restaurants and bars, or simply looking to consume new products, our readers know that The Bourbon Review is the incomparable destination.

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The Bourbon Review’s award-winning digital media is the source for all things related to the Bourbon lifestyle. Packed with engaging content, we appeal to all Bourbon enthusiasts, from a novice sampling Bourbon for the first time, to those with the most seasoned palates looking the read about the latest news, events, and products from the Bourbon industry.


From a complete archive of all TBR articles to a consistent feed of fresh new content, is the source for 245,000+ passionate readers to find more of what they love from the magazine.

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Bourbon Review’s focused email marketing offers the ideal opportunity for advertisers to specifically target the most active and frequent Bourbon consumers; all of which are eager to consume and enhance their Bourbon lifestyle.

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The Bourbon Review’s active social footprint is growing and connecting with our readers in meaning ways like never before.


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Join the Party. The Bourbon Review hosts rare, interactive events for Bourbon enthusiasts to experience all facets of Bourbon education, from production to promotion, and Bourbon enjoyment, from cocktails to culinary creations.

Our events have been carefully designed to appeal to all Bourbon lovers – the novice to the most grizzled enthusiasts who find value in the legacy, quality and prestige that is embodied in Bourbon. Our attendees are an influential and demographically diverse group that values authenticity above all else and are willing to travel extensively to experience it.

Custom Bourbon Country Experiences & Planning

Would you like The Bourbon Review to help plan your trip to Bourbon Country? You should, it would be a lot fun. We can fully plan your Bourbon Country experience throughout Kentucky, and we’ll point you beyond the “Bourbon Trail” to the true trail of Kentucky’s best Bourbon distilleries and experiences. We can set us private Bourbon tours, tastings, Master Distiller meetings, full events, and can even accommodate Hunting/Shooting getaways.

Contact Ryan Hardesty to plan your trip, or for additional information 


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