Win the Ultimate Bourbon Getaway! “Come Find Bourbon” Sweepstakes


As the old saying goes “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”….Below is your chance to win one heck of a Bourbon Excursion. And the cost? Nothing. Lets get going!

The sweepstakes is being hosted by “Come Find Bourbon“, a regional conglomerate in Bourbon Country between (C)ovington, (F)rankfort, and (B)ardstown. The Grand Prize package includes lodging, bourbon immersed itinerary (of course), transportation (probably needed), and spending money at all three Bourbon regional hubs of CFB.

“Come Find Bourbon” Sweepstakes Details

TO ENTER, click here to enter the Sweepstakes Homepage:

Deadline: Sept 2nd

The Grand Prize package includes:

One (1) Grand Prize, Eight (8) weekly prizes – Four (4) get to choose any single product from the Come Find Bourbon Store; Another Four (4) will win pairs of Shady Rays sunglasses. These winners will be able to select any one (1) item from the shop at