TOP 10 Most Read Stories of 2022


We are very grateful for you, our viewership. Here’s to you and to a fantastic New Year! With that said, we are excited to present you with 2022’s TOP 10 MOST READ ARTICLES!

#10 America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022


#9 We Asked 7 Bartenders What Makes The Perfect Manhattan


#8 The Top 10 Biggest Bourbon Releases of 2021

Top 10 bourbons of 2021

#7 2022 Van Winkle Lineup Set for October. SRP Pricing Guide for The Lucky Ones.


#6 BOOKER’S First (Maybe Only) SINGLE BARREL BOURBON: Here’s Your Shot To Get It


#5 Stagg Jr. is Growing Up: Changes Coming for Batch 18

Stagg Jr.

#4 2022 American Whiskey Masters Awards: Buffalo Trace Distillery Wins Big

Buffalo Trace Distillery, Weller 12

#3 Inside Job: Virginia ABC Worker Busted for Selling Bourbon Intel

Virginia ABC Bourbon Scheme

#2 2022 Old Forester BIRTHDAY BOURBON: Release Update

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

#1 New Netflix Documentary “Heist” Covers Famous ‘Pappygate’ Theft