The Brimstone Cocktail

Located off the posh-McKinney Ave, in the Uptown District of Dallas, TX. The Standard Pour is on the list of America’s 55 Best Bourbon Bars. We met with Brian McCullough and he shared the recipe & preparation of, the Brimstone.


1. On wood plank place small pinch of applewood chips….
2. Rinse old fashioned glass with angostura bitters & light on fire to
melt the angostura to the inside of glass (4 dashes should suffice)…
3. Using brulee torch, burn the applewood chips with torch til it begins
to plume smoke….
4. Take your glass and place over smoldering chips to capture the
smoke and leave it alone! Let the smoke adhere to the angostura
rinsed glass…..
5. In mixing glass add the following….
– 1 oz Balcones Brimstone Whiskey
– 3/4 oz Bourbon
– 3/4 oz benedictine
– 3/4 oz Carpana Antica Vermouth
– 4 dashes House Made Root Beer Bitters; stir with cracked ice til very
6. Turn over smoked glass and then strain cocktail into glass. Garnish
with flamed orange peel.

The Brimstone Cocktail!