Sazerac’s “Blanton’s Gold Barrel Charity Sweeps” Raises $1,000,000 for St. Jude’s Research

Blanton's Gold Barrel Charity Sweeps raises $1M for St. Jude Hospital. Photo: Seth Thompson

Nothing better than seeing how the Bourbon Community unites to help support wonderful causes. A recent testimony of this – the Sazerac Single Barrel (SBS) program recently hosted a charity sweeps that began in February, all benefits going to St. Jude’s Research. The dangling carrot so to speak just happened to be a BARREL of BLANTON’S GOLD. And its get better, a VIP on-site experience at Buffalo Trace Distillery. All for a $100 ticket entry. That’s some pretty serious smoke.

Perhaps it should not be a big surprise that this campaign raised a reported $1,000,0000. Nonetheless, it’s so incredible to see this kind of success going to such a wonderful cause.


Per Sazerac, the SBS Program has raised more than $3M for charities prior to this campaign. We will certainly drink to that.

To learn more about the SBS Program and to sign up – CLICK HERE.


The winner of the Blanton’s Gold Charity Sweepstakes will receive:

·       A VIP behind-the-scenes tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery for the winner and up to seven of their guests.

·       A private barrel selection experience where the winner will thieve, taste and select their barrel.

·       $20,000 prize, which may be used to purchase personalized bottles yielded from the selected barrel.

·       A private lunch at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

·       The empty barrel.