Playboy Debuting “Rare Hare 1953” 17 Year Bourbon Release

Rare Hare 1953 Bourbon

Before the golden age of internet, Playboy had one heck of a run.

Founded by the infamous silk robe encased opulent flaunting Hugh Hefner in 1953 with a $1,000 loan from his mother, the brand empire would grow to a value of $1B by 2000 (per Wikipedia). Featuring America’s provocative darling Marilyn Monroe on its inaugural cover, Playboy would soar to unfathomable heights, playing king of the highly controversial hot-book kingdom for over half a century.

More than just skin showing, it pushed societal boundaries. It had its own sophisticated swagger. It became a cultural icon.

The old line “But honey, I read it for the articles!” may have actually bared some truth (riiiiiiight;)) as it did harbor ultra famous authors like Ian Fleming (low brow British spy novelist), Roald Dahl (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), Kurt Vonnegut, Shel Silverstein to name a few.

Then, the internet hit (damn you Al Gore). And with it, little by little, the invaluable empire built impressively over 50 years began to dwindle. It never went away though. And now, a new chapter has opened.

PLBY Company, Inc (Owner of Playboy) has teamed up with Spirit Investment Partners (SIP) to create the release of Rare Hare (you have to admit, that is catchy) 1953, an ultra-premium 17-year aged straight bourbon. Marking the inaugural whiskey offering from Playboy Spirits, a joint venture of PLBY Group and Spirit Investment Partners (SIP), the Rare Hare brand expects to offer a portfolio of ultra-premium spirits in select markets around the world beginning with the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. Playboy Spirits first teased its burgeoning spirits brand in late 2021 with the limited release of Rare Hare Añejo Conejo, an ultra-premium extra añejo tequila in collaboration with Código 1530.

“Playboy is excited to enter into the $500 billion-plus global spirits category in collaboration with SIP and artisan distillers from around the world,” said Jared Dougherty, President of Strategic Partnerships at PLBY Group. “We are curating a truly exceptional collection of rare and unique spirits. Each product is produced with extraordinary craftsmanship and sophistication, from the beautiful bottle to the spirits inside.”

A fitting tribute to the year Playboy was founded, the Rare Hare 1953 Anniversary Edition is a 17-year Kentucky bourbon finished in XXO Cognac casks from the Champagne region of France. Per the brand, Rare Hare 1953 is imbued with subtle notes of Grande Champagne and Fine Champagne grapes with hints of candied fruit and spices. Bottled at 111 proof and packaged in a commemorative box, only 1,953 bottles will be released for the U.S. market launch and 1,953 bottles for select markets in Asia and Europe. 

“Passion and sophistication are the foundation of the Rare Hare brand and our spirits collection,” said Marc Bushala, Chief Executive Officer of Spirit Investment Partners. “The ‘1953 Anniversary Edition’ is an incredible bourbon unlike any other and worthy of being the inaugural whiskey release for Rare Hare.”

Each bottle is individually numbered and comes in a sleek custom box equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology.  The NFC chip will give inaugural 1953 owners access to the Rare Hare Society offering exclusive luxury travel experiences, intimate events, private barrel releases and more. 

Rare Hare 1953 is available for purchase for $589 (suggested retail price) at select retail locations or online at

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