Old Glory Distillery Announces the Release of Batch 1 of Old Glory Bourbon Whiskey

Old Glory Distillery in Clarksville, TN will begin taking online preorders of Batch 1 of Old Glory Bourbon Whiskey on Sunday, December 10th at 1pm. Bottles will be available for pickup at the Old Glory Distilling Co. Gift Shop from Friday, December 2nd to Sunday, March 4th.

Old Glory Bourbon Whiskey has a mashbill of 73% corn, 19% rye, and 8% malted barley and is bottled at 90 proof.

Just over a thousand 375ml bottles are available for preorder, for $39.99 at a limit of 2 per customer. Each bottle is hand signed and numbered with the batch and bottle number. The Distillery expects Batch 2 to be available in March of 2018.

Click here to preorder.