NEW RELEASE: Rabbit Hole’s “Rabelo Double Barrel” Distillery Series Limited Edition. What You Need To Know

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Rabbit Hole Distillery's Distiller Series "Rabelo Double Barrel". Courtesy

Some things are just worth chasing down the rabbit hole, speaking of which…Rabbit Hole Distillery recently announced the newest addition to its Distillery Series Limited Edition lineup – “Rabelo”. This liquid beaut is a cask strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon “double barreled” meaning finished in ruby port casks. MSRP of $49 (375ml).

The Distillery Series is an exercise in Rabbit Hole’s commitment to originality and innovation. Each release is a Limited Edition, Small Batch, Cask Strength whiskey offered in 375 mL bottles with the Batch and Bottle number printed on a custom-designed label.

Quick Facts

  • Cask Strength: 100.8 Proof (50.4% abv)
  • 375ml
  • Bourbon Aged: 3+ Years
  • Ruby Port Cask Finish (4 months)
  • SRP $49
  • Mashbill: 65% Corn, 25% Wheat, 10% Malted Barley

Namesake Backstory: Rabelo

Rabelo, which means ‘little tail,’ was the name given to boats with long timber projecting off the rear which was used to steer the vessel. Traditionally, these Portuguese wooden cargo boats were used for centuries to transport people as well as goods along the Douro River. Although not in commercial use anymore, these vessels still can be seen today. Mainly, belonging to several port wine companies
along the river in Porto and Gaia.

SOLD OUT ONLINE: Only 100 bottles were offered were offered for sale via Rabbit Hole’s website. Notice past tense usage as the site reads Sold Out now. Keep your eyes peeled for this one onsite at the Louisville based Rabbit Hole Distillery.

rabbit hole

About Ruby Port: If you’re like me, you may not be a wine guru. In this day and of age of increasingly new barrel finishes, it’s not a bad thing to know more about what was in the barrel before the finish. Per Total Wine Spirits, here is a brief overview of Ruby Port: Ruby Port is the freshest and least complex of fortified wines, deep red in color and filled with sweet flavors of red fruits. Ruby Port is made from wine produced from a blend of red grapes, fortified and aged no more than three years to maintain its fresh flavor and brilliant color.

We hope to get our palate on this one for a dance!

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