NEW RELEASE: Old Forester 117 Series “High Angels’ Share” Limited Ed. First under Assistant Master Distiller Caleb Trigo.

old forester
Old Forester 117 Series "High Angels' Share". Courtesy

Louisville, KY, March 6, 2024 – Old Forester today releases High Angels’ Share, an expression from its 117 series.  

Per the brand, this limited-edition whiskey is the result of low-yield barrels, providing consumers with a taste of this specific facet of the aging process, and resulting in a rich, layered concentration.

Bottled at 110 proof (55% ABV) in a 375 ml bottle, the brand notes the expression is full-bodied with dark flavor notes, dried fruits and herbaceous qualities. 

“When walking into our aging warehouses, the aroma of evaporating whiskey is immediately evident,” said Assistant Master Distiller Caleb Trigo. “That smell is commonly called Angels’ Share – the angels taking their portion of the bourbon. Barrels with high evaporation concentrate flavors. We are pleased to bring those flavors directly to consumers through this unique bottle.”

old forester
Old Forester Assistant Master Distiller Caleb Trigo, courtesy.

High Angels’ Share is from The 117 Series, a limited-expression lineup that debuted in Spring 2021. Old Forester releases three different 117 expressions annually.

PRICING & AVAILABILITY: It will be offered in very limited quantities for purchase today at the Old Forester Distillery at $59.99 per bottle (375ml) and will be available in our online store in a two-bottle set for $119.98.  Guests visiting the distillery for tours between now and March 20 will have the opportunity to sample High Angels’ Share and purchase a bottle, under the distillery’s special release policy. It will also be available at select Kentucky retailers.

This release is the first since Trigo was named Assistant Master Distiller in February 2024.

To celebrate that milestone, Trigo will meet consumers at Old Forester Distillery on March 6 and lead special tastings of High Angels’ Share. The distillery will be celebrating with pastries and coffee from one of Trigo’s favorite local bakeries.

Taste Notes (Brand Provided)

Color: Burnt orange

Aroma: Rich caramelized citrus peel, brown sugar, oak and pumpkin spice

Taste: Caramel, lightly charred oak, sweet coconut, citrus peel with a hint of spice

Finish: Long caramelized citrus

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