Four Gate Batch #11 “Ruby Rye Springs” is Hitting Shelves Soon

Four Gate Whiskey Co Batch 11 Ruby Rye Springs. Courtesy Photo.

Four Gate Whiskey Co. has announced the launch of Batch #11, Ruby Rye Springs – a 7 year rye whiskey finished in port wine casks.

The release begins with the 7 year 95% Indiana rye whiskey the brand used in both their River Kelvin Rye and Split Stave Rye releases. For this expression, Four Gate finished the whiskey for 42 days in Ruby Port-Rum casks.

The casks were first used to mature ruby port, a sweet, bright fortified wine from Portugal, then sent to Virago Spirits in Richmond, VA where the barrels were used to finish a blend of rums for a rich molasses sweetness.

“The moment we found these barrels, we knew what we were doing with them,” said Chief Blending Officer Bill Straub in a press release. “They were crying out for rye whiskey, and I really think this is one of the best products we’ve bottled.”

Tasting notes from the distillery describe “fruit cake, tart gum drops, lemon and orange zest, and spicy rye” on the nose, with “a sweet tart red berry note.. with a spicy black pepper flowing down the center palate. Raspberries and blueberries surround the periphery with a hint of citrus rounding out the taste.” On the finish, we’re told to expect “black pepper and sweet red fruits [to] dominate the start, with sweet molasses rounding out the viscous mouthfeel.”

“These barrels were off the charts,” said Chief Barrel Officer Bob D’Antoni, who sourced the barrels in collaboration with Kelvin Cooperage. “This rye is so good. I know you’re going to love it.”

Just 1,444 bottles of Four Gate Ruby Rye Springs were bottled at 113.4 proof. They’ll be available this month at a suggested retail price of $185 each.