EAGLE RARE 25 YEAR BOURBON is Landing Soon: What You Need To Know

eagle rare
Eagle Rare 25 Year Bourbon. Courtesy

We just caught wind of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s newest upcoming release – Eagle Rare 25 Year Bourbon.

Ok, so the chances of finding this in the wild are probably near the odds of finding a 2 headed bald eagle in the wilderness. Nonetheless, it’s good to know what’s out there.

AGE: 25 Years

PROOF: 101 (50.5% abv)

SRP: $10,000

BOTTLE COUNT: 200 Bottles (750ml).

AVAILIBILITY: Globally November 2023 at select bars, restaurants, and retailers

Per Buffalo Trace’s website:

At 25 years old, Eagle Rare 25 marks the oldest expression released from the Eagle Rare portfolio. Defying existing perception of ultra-aged bourbon with its smooth, complex flavor profile, Eagle Rare 25 is a remarkable result from the World’s Most Award-winning Distillery’s multi-decade and $20-million-dollar-plus experimental program.

Eagle Rare 25 is the first release from Warehouse P, one of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s two experimental warehouses. A purpose-built, state-of-the-art warehouse, Warehouse P was constructed to test if it was possible to extend favorably both the aging and maturation processes typical for American whiskey and bourbon.  

BOTTLE DESIGN: Per BTD’s website, Eagle Rare 25 was bottled upon reaching its silver anniversary in the barrel, symbolized by the custom sterling silver wing hand-hammered to encase each hand-blown crystal decanter perfectly. Opening the custom display box reveals an eagle’s outstretched wings framing the 101-proof bourbon, which also contains an elegant glass eagle inside the bottle.

eagle rare
eagle rare

About Warehouse P: Experimental Collection

Opened in 2018, Warehouse P is the second of BTD’s experimental aging warehouses (Warehouse X being the 1st) at its iconic Frankfort homebase campus. It is a year round temperature controlled environment. Per a 2018 New York Times article, Warehouse P stays at a constant 45 degrees F. The warehouse essentially imitates a giant refrigerator. BTD is heavily invested and interested in unlocking the door to substantially longer aged American Whiskey. Think more of the 40 year and 50+ year bottles coming from our friends across the pond in Scotland. Their climate is moderate without the big temperature fluctuations we have here in Kentucky and in the states.

In theory, maintaining a cooler climate will allow their whiskey to age gracefully without picking up the heavy tannins attributed with oak or “over-oaking”. Essentially, leaving the pie in the oven for too long.

Time will tell how this experiment plays out as it is exciting to see the first release from Warehouse P debuting in Eagle Rare 25 Year Bourbon.

Per Buffalo Trace Distillery Master Distillery Harlen Wheatley,”Eagle Rare 25 defies the conventional limits of typical bourbon aging. When crafting whiskey in conditions like those we experience in Kentucky, two reactions happen over time: more liquid is lost due to evaporation – also known as angel’s share – and extraction of flavors from the barrel becomes more intense, often leading older whiskeys to taste over-oaked, astringent, and dry. The unique set of aging conditions in Warehouse P has allowed us to create a 25-year-old bourbon that smooths out the extractions and highlights the desirable flavors found in ultra-aged American whiskey products.” 

Wheatley added,We closely monitored Eagle Rare 25 throughout the aging process and discovered that the impact over time due to controlled, extended aging was optimally mature whiskey – by that, I mean whiskey that is uniquely smooth and complex with deep, mature flavors around every corner. Eagle Rare 25 is unlike any other extra-aged bourbon on the market today. We are quite proud of this bourbon.”  

Per Andrew Duncan, Global Brand Director at Buffalo Trace Distillery,“Around the globe, an eagle’s wings symbolize freedom and the opportunity to reach higher. It’s also a reminder for us at Buffalo Trace Distillery to never settle in our pursuit of crafting the perfect bourbon,” “In service of that relentless pursuit, Eagle Rare 25 is the pinnacle of American whiskey to date from our Distillery, and our Eagle Rare brand is the perfect portfolio to showcase this barrier-breaking expression.”  

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