Country Megastar Brad Paisley is Launching his own Bourbon

Brad Paisley
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We can’t blame you if you happen to be to just a wee bit weary of celebrity endorsed booze. Not even Bourbon is immune to having celebratory fronts ranging from hip hop artist Drake (Virginia Black Whiskey) to bro country kings Florida Georgia Line (Wolf Moon Bourbon).

With that being said, you can also make the argument “can’t knock it till you try it”. I don’t know, call it hunch – but maybe, just maybe, Brad Paisley’s newly released Bourbon “American Highway” will have what it takes to not be placed in the sea of mediocrity (and below) of many celeb endorsed drink labels???

I will say I do recall a prominent member of the Kentucky Bourbon distilling guard posting multiple pics of Paisley backstage enjoying his family’s Bourbon over the last maybe 5 years. Not to say that makes Paisley an expert, but its a start at least.

Paisley’s upcoming juice has a catchy backstory as the Bourbon was aged on his 2019 tour in a 53 foot trailer that followed him 7,000+ miles from city to city and town to town. This well-traveled batch was then blended with three-year, 13-year, and 15-year-old Kentucky bourbons to create the final product. The next batch, to be released in 2022, was aged on the Rolling Rickhouse during Paisley’s 2021 tour.

Paisley was allegedly hands on with this project and the blending of Bourbons. He worked closely with Bardstown Bourbon Company who specializes in distilling and customizing American Whiskey creations for 30+ brands. BBCo’s VP of New Product Development, Dan Callaway, noted, “You don’t get to see many celebrities that have such a technical palate. It was a super collaboration that resulted in a traveled bourbon in an exemplary expression.”

Paisley had a wise perspective on the process, “Bourbon is like songwriting, it’s a blend of things coming together to make something incredible. These are really special barrels that saw more of the United States than most people I know.”

30,000 bottles of the initial release will be available with the 96-proof blend having a suggested retail price of $99.99. The bourbon will be available in AL, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MS, NC, NV, NY, OH, TN, TX, WI and WV, and exclusively online through

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