2014 Kentucky Derby Preview

2014 Bourbon Review Top 8 Kentucky Derby Horses (By Hunter T. Houlihan) Before you look at my attempt to handicap one of the most difficult races in the world to pick a winner, one must first...

Top Bourbon Bars in America

2014 Top Bourbon Bars in America – The Best of the Best Check out our full 2014 list of America's Top 60 Bourbon Bars on June 23 The 2013 List of America's Top Bourbon Bars If you’ve...
The Patio at Hotel Covington. Courtesy meetNKY.

The B-Line Expands with Two New Bourbon Stops

Northern Kentucky's Bourbon B-Line has announced two new stops to a growing list of whiskey experiences in the region. The new hotspots include the Sparta, Kentucky-based Neeley Family Distillery and the upscale restaurant and bar...
Amrut Fusion. Courtesy Amrut Indian Whisky.

Indian Whisky: Everything You Need to Know

The meteoric rise of Asian single malt is perhaps the most widely reported whisky story of the past decade. Japan and Taiwan have positioned themselves at the center of the spectacle, birthing liquids that...
Master Gardener Jon Carloftis

Bourbon In The Garden with Green Thumb Extraordinaire Jon Carloftis

Photography: Victor Sizemore Nestled deep in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, a historic home from 1851 once sat boarded up in disrepair, surrounded by its secret gardens. That is, until Kentucky...

Bourbons of the Fall

Farming families have been celebrating for centuries there, the fruits of their work during the spring and humid summer months once the cooler and dryer period of late September...

Jim Rutledge to Return to Distilling

Story Justin Thompson  Photo Victor Sizemore Jim Rutledge, the former Master Distiller at Four Roses Distillery just announced his intentions of starting his own distillery.  Rutledge will soon launch a 30-day crowd funding campaign for the...
Bourbon Classic Lobby

The Ultimate Bourbon Experience

Tastings, Trends and Traditions... All at Bourbon Classic 2014