Celebrating Repeal Day with George Remus Repeal Reserve

Repeal Reserve’s Namesake George Remus Embodied The Resistance to Prohibition December 5th marks 84 years since the end of Prohibition, and Repeal Day parties all over the country are pouring perfectly legal spirits to celebrate. The...

Buffalo Trace and Duke Cannon’s Bourbon Soap Collaboration!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your Bourbon loving guy? Like most guy, the co-founders of Duke Cannon Supply Co. enjoy a glass of good Bourbon after a productive day’s work. In collaboration with their...

Bourbon Etiquette: Why Do People Tap Their Drink on the Bar after Clinking Glasses?

Courtesy of Angel's Envy We love questions like this one because they’re endlessly debatable. We often wonder if people imagine that a definitive tome of alcohol lore exists, and that in the 5th century, a...

Black Friday Deals Live Now

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Wild Turkey Releases Latest Televison Spot with Creative Director Matthew McConaughey

Story and Photos Wild Turkey Matthew McConaughey is back at the helm of Wild Turkey Bourbon's advertising, ready to testify in his newest creative effort for the liquor. Wild Turkey has unveiled its second television...

Bourbon and the Groom

Six small touches to make your groomsmen stand out - and their dressing room experience special! Story Caroline Paulus Photos Victor Sizemore We've always been told that a wedding is the bride's day. Months are spent shopping...