Here’s Why Christie’s Largest Ever Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Collection Realized Record Prices

The results from Christie's Pre-Prohibition whiskey auction are in, and estimates were way off; the lots of bourbon and other American spirits all went for several times what was expected earlier this month. American Whiskey...
The Macallan 1926 60-Year-Old Malt. Christie’s Images LTD 2018.

This 1.5 Million Dollar Bottle of Whisky Just Set a World Record

A one-of-a-kind bottle of The Macallan 1926 60-Year-Old Malt just sold at auction for £1.2 million, or $1,528,800.  Christie’s Auction House set a world record this morning with the winning bid on this vintage Scotch...
The Tasting Bar at Castle and Key Distillery. Photo courtesy Castle and Key.

Five SEC Teams Near Great Distilleries Worth Visiting

We know college football fans get excited about their pilgrimage to the stadium to watch their favorite team on game day. But what if we told you that road trip could loop in some...

How Heaven’s Door Captures Bob Dylan’s Unique Whiskey Tastes

When it was announced that Bob Dylan would be joining the ranks of celebrity whiskey makers, we wondered what Bob Dylan knew about whiskey. But Ryan Perry of Heaven’s Door Spirits knew Dylan already...

Ultimate Weller Barrel Pick Experience

/**/ Join Bob Eidson, a founder of The Bourbon Review for a once-in-a-lifetime barrel pick experience. Taste straight from the barrels at one of the longest operating...

The Best Whiskey Advent Calendars to Keep Your Holidays Happy

During the month of December, most people spend their time rushing around trying to find deals on presents for the whole family. There's a way to reward yourself for all that giving--ending each night by...

You Can Buy Whiskey from a Vending Machine at this London Hotel

The London bar scene has taken whiskey drinking into the future with a vending machine that sells whiskey in soft, user-friendly pouches. Whisky-Me, a UK-based whiskey monthly subscription service, has recently launched a way to...
Vintage Whiskey and Cigars

Cigar and Vintage Whiskey Pairings

Kentucky’s new vintage whiskey market should also excite cigar enthusiasts.  Pairings and photos Victor Sizemore 1. Monte by Montecristo Strength: Medium-Full Shape: Belicoso 6 x 54 Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Origin: Nicaragua Price: $11 Suggested Vintage Whiskey Pairing: Vintage 23-Year Rye This is a...