Maker’s Mark Christmas Dinner Recipes

Recipe courtesy of Lee Anne Wong, Chef and Maker's Mark Cookbook Editor Originally posted here by the Cooking Channel Christmas in Kentucky is a special time. Spiked ciders and hot toddies are the perfect cocktails to...
Bourbon Banana Bread

Bourbon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Recipe and Photos by Pate Giltner found here at www.thegandmkitchen.com "This bourbon chocolate chip banana bread contains all my favorite things, bourbon, chocolate, bananas, and cardamom. It’s as satisfying as they come, plus its made...

Bourbon Whipped Cream

Recipe and Photos by Bourbon Barrel Foods found here. "Bourbon Whipped Cream is quick and easy to make. Bring the favorite flavors of the South to your dessert table. This is perfect in Bourbon Barrel...

Spice it up with Old Forester’s Appalachian Buck

With winter temps holding strong, you'll need something to warm your core this weekend. The Appalachian Buck features Old Forester's 1870 bourbon, known for a palate of "baking spices (clove, cinnamon, nutmeg) that flows...