Lone Whisker 12-Year Bourbon.

Man’s Other Best Friends: Five Bottles of Whiskey Named for Beloved Animals

From its first moments as "white dog" whiskey seems to share a lot in common with animals. They're both, for one, equally loved by many good people. They both stay fondly in your memory...
Whisky Vault Bottle Safe.

This Whisky Vault Has Bulletproof Glass to Protect Your Best Bottles

A whiskey lover suffered tragedy, and he wants to help you prevent the same from happening to your collection with Whisky Vault: a bulletproof secure storage safe for your bottles. After drunken family and friends...
Kentucky Peerless Distillery. Courtesy Kentucky Peerless

5 ACC Schools With Cool Whiskey Distilleries Nearby

Heading to an ACC home game soon? Maybe you should consider dropping in on one of these great whiskey distilleries. College football season is going hard, and while there's nothing quite like going to a...

Talking Turkey with Eddie Russell

This summer, Eddie and Jimmy Russell celebrated a combined 101 years of distilling. It was 37 years ago (and change, now) that “young” Eddie took his first job at Wild Turkey, inadvertently continuing the family...

10 Bartender-Approved Gifts for Any Budget

There’s definitely a bartender in your life, in some capacity or another. And if said bartender is near and dear enough to your heart to receive a holiday gift from you this year, you...
Michter's 22-Year-Old Bourbon Auction Lot.

One-of-a-Kind Bottle of Michter’s 22-Year-Old Bourbon is Up For Auction

Michter's has put a one-of-a-kind 22-Year-Old Bourbon up for auction for charity. Bottle 1 of 1 closes later this month and if you want it, you're gonna have to pay. It almost looked like a...
Ghost Coast Distillery

This Georgia Distillery Is Making An American “Chartreuse”

Plenty of towns have a local distillery blending its own whiskey, but not all of them make their own version of Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur produced in France from 130 different herbs...
Stranahan's Rob Dietrich

Everything You Need to Know About High Altitude Whiskey-Making

As the thirst for American whiskey continues to grow, so too does its diversity of provenance. Not long ago a connoisseur might shun bourbons and ryes born beyond the state lines of Kentucky, Tennessee,...