Best Bourbon Bars 2022 South

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022 – SOUTH

The SOUTH REGION is major player on the Bourbon Bar scene! Terrific variety of ambiance ranging from dive style joints like Little Dipper in Houston, TX to ultra premium swanked out destinations like...
Best Bourbon Bars

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2021

SOS for Our Beloved Bourbon Bars! 2021 has been yet another devastatingly difficult year for bourbon bars. From tiny taverns in one horse towns to the sleekest lounges in the biggest cities, they’ve needed every...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022 – BOURBON COUNTRY

Kentucky is The Bourbon State as it has the Bourbon Bar prowess to match its distilling chops. Here's your insider's look at the best watering holes in the Commonwealth including one of the country’s...
Best Bourbon Bars Midwest 2022

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022 – MIDWEST

Our Midwest Region is home to some of our favorite long standing concentration of bars in Chicago, our best-represented region on the list outside Kentucky. From Chicago's 20+ year old Bourbon institution Delilah's...
Best Bourbon Bars Northeast

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022 – NORTHEAST

America's Best Bourbon Bars in the NORTHEAST REGION has a range of coveted Bourbon staples like brown water mecca Flatiron Room and the gorgeous and elegant Brandy Library. New to our list are Analogue...
best bourbon bars 2022

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022 – WEST

Our WEST REGION is packed with incredible spots from long standing institutions like Elixir (SF) and to relative new comer Batch (Tucson, AZ) of which does boozy donuts and artisanal tacos to accompany its...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019

Each year, The Bourbon Review combs cities and towns across the country to find the Best Bourbon Bars in America. In partnership with Buffalo Trace, we're thrilled to announce our winners for 2019! Bars on...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020 – South Region

<<< PREVIOUS | Midwest Region                                     West Region | NEXT>>> Our Southern list grew too this year, adding new bars...